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25th February 2024


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Increase your Company’s Sales Figures

Increase sales in your current accounting period. Exceed quarterly/yearly sales forecasts and lower your net operating costs.
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Your Company’s Stock Value and Investor Awareness

Increase sales and lower costs while generating new PR
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Excess Capacity

Utilize excess capacity or distressed inventories to help fund your advertising needs.
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Solve Under-Performing or Distressed Real Estate Challenges

Receive full market value or premium to market for under-performing real estate assets.
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Exchange Restricted Public Stock

Receive up to full
market value or premium to market for Restricted Stock to help fund your advertising needs.
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Guarantee Travel Bookings

Turn your Hotel or Resorts empty room nights into strategic ad campaigns and guaranteed bookings.
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Initiate or Expand distribution of your product line
into mass retail chains

We provide Media Funding Commitments, Financing and Campaign Development Services and Expertise to help get your products on the shelves of Major Retailers.
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Occupancy Challenges

Increase occupancy rates in under performing real estate Apartments, Shopping Centers, Office Parks, Vacation Rentals.
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Different types of major media collage

TV, Radio, Internet, Mobile, Social, Out of Home.