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16th July 2024

Media Owners


Media Owners – Trade your media inventories for full value.

Get your advertising opportunities in front of new, qualified advertisers

Barter Advertising Solutions is a specialized alternative finance portal that also provides Barter Financing Services to Advertising outlets and Media Properties that are looking to get full value for their media inventories If your media company has excess capacity or non-utilized advertising placement opportunities you can exchange that excess ad capacity for up to full value for other goods and services. Would you like to sell every one of the ad spaces you have available at full value and make those sales to new qualified advertisers that you have not contacted previously? Through the use of barter, trade and alternative finance activities we can bring you incremental business new customers that will pay up to full retail value for your ad space on trade. Marketing your excess capacity can provide the following benefits to your media property

  • Additional Income opportunities
  • New qualified advertisers are developed that can make excellent reference points for your ongoing cash sales efforts
  • You receive up to full retail value for media inventory that might otherwise go un-sold

For more information on increasing the return on your excess ad capacity please fill out the consultation request form below and a Barter Advertising Solutions representative will be back in touch with you shortly.